How to Choose a Motorboat

How to Choose a Motorboat: Motorboats have so many advantages that convince the vast majority of nautical enthusiasts, constituting more than 90% of our fleet of pleasure boats. If your priority is speed and practicality, this is also your best choice.

How to Choose a Motorboat

  • Despite all the virtues that involve a motorboat, you should consider several aspects to choose the one that well suits your necessities.
  • There are many different types of motorboats. The first element you have to determine is if you want it new or second-hand and then choose the best type of boat for you.

There are many advantages of having a best motorboat: a comfortable seat next to an intuitive steering wheel and dashboard, an easy-to-operate outboard motor and, above all, a vast spaciousness and comfort. Despite its virtues, you must assess some basic rules when buying a boat: do not look for a length much larger than you need. The larger and more equipped, the more weight the ship will have, and the more power it will need to navigate, which means higher expenses. In any case, take enough time to decide what type of boat best suits your needs.

New boat or second-hand boat

The first decision you should make is if you want a new boat or a second-hand one. Some of the advantages you will have when choosing a new boat are similar to those of choosing a new car. You can opt for a series of elements and equipment completely to your liking and according to your needs. You will also have the guarantee that the builder can offer you in case there is a problem. However, you will have to pay a signal when ordering the boat and wait, in some cases, enough months until it is ready for delivery.

Choose the motorboat that best suits you

There are many types of motorboats on the market, so you have a lot to choose from. Just by looking at a couple of portals for the purchase and sale of boats such as SeaBarks or YachtWorld you can get an idea of the number of options you have available to you; They are more than 40,000. In addition to a wide variety of helmet types, you will also find different construction materials and many propulsion and power options. Before you start looking, you must decide what type of boat is best suited to your needs, budget, and objectives. Knowing the most common types of boats and understanding their particularities and differences in the next step.

Next, we will present six types of typical motorboats in Spain and order of price (from cheapest to most expensive):

  1. Inflatable boat
  2. Semi-rigid boat
  3. Open bow boat
  4. Center console
  5. Sports cruise and family cruise
  6. Sportfishing boats

Inflatable boat: affordable portability

The inflatable boats are built in PVC or Hypalon fabric. PVC is lighter, practical, and more convenient if you are going to fold your boat regularly to store it. The Hypalon is more resistant, durable, and the ideal option if you are going to leave your boat exposed to the elements for long periods, mainly in the sun.

Pneumatics are usually divided into two types: inflatable floor and rigid floor. If you are looking for a light boat, comfortable navigation for passengers, smoothness and simplicity in assembly, the inflatable floor with pressurized air is ideal, although the rigid floor is a better bet if what you are looking for is greater speed, stability, structural rigidity and more efficient use of energy. You must also choose the appropriate extras for your navigation program: seats, chests, cover, carrying bag, repair kit, etc. All of this will have an impact on your budget. Make sure you have an accessible place to store your boat so you can take it out and use it easily — the same for your outboard engine.

Semi-rigid boat: fast and practical

The semi-rigid boat or Pomona has the hard hull, also called keel and inflatable elements on the sides. These inflatable elements, although they are floats, work more as if they were outer hulls and, above all, as shock absorbers. Although at the beginning, it became popular as an efficient military and workboat, its power, stability, open deck and adaptability have been imposed in the recreational nautical market and is one of the fastest-growing segments. It is an affordable type of boat, but today we also find a new generation of semi-rigid where the elegance of the lines and the power make them particularly attractive as auxiliary superyachts and also as comfortable day cruises or even weekends.

The length, the price, and the use you want to give your boat are key to making a good decision. Keep in mind that the boats of lengths of up to six meters do not require any qualification and are towable, so, after the pneumatic ones, this may be one of the most economical options on the market, especially if you are worth a basic semi-rigid. In this case, you can use the floats as a seat and control the engine by hand. With a little more budget you can gain more comfort with a traditional semi-rigid center console, with its wheelhouse, dashboard and instruments, windshield and of course, seats.

The semi-rigid are very versatile, and you can choose from a large number of extras to configure and customize your boat according to your lifestyle. If what you like is fishing, diving, or transporting objects to a beach, a semi-rigid open deck will be a good option. On the other hand, if you want to spend some time on board with the family and enjoy the sun during a cruise, it will be useful to have more seats and a bathroom.

If you are looking for your semi-rigid in the second-hand market, be careful with the state of conservation of the floats. Most of them are made of PVC, and they degrade a lot over time. The Hypalon is a more modern and resistant material, but also more expensive.

Open bow boat: when the protagonist is the sun

The boats open bow are small boats with a relatively large cockpit where seats and command post predominate, usually protected by a windshield that can be opened to access an open and deep bow with seats that also usually be converted into the solarium. They can also have a bathing platform and solarium aft. It is a boat to spend the day on board and return to port at the end of the afternoon since it does not have a cabin. We find them with outboard engines, and they are very practical and easy to handle. There are quite high freeboard models, which is a good option if you are sailing with children on board.

So if what you want is space to relax on the bow and a compact boat to enjoy the sun and the company of family and friends, an open bow boat is the fast, practical and comfortable boat par excellence. You can always adapt a canopy that protects you on the hottest days or during anchoring. This type of boat can also serve you to fish from time to time from the stern or bow, and there are some brands that offer the option of installing raised seats to fish more comfortably.

If you are also looking for a boat that adapts well to water sports, the ideal is to watch boats with powerful inboard engines, more seats in the bathtub, wakeboard towers, automatic throttle adjustment and wake adjustment devices, such as ballast tanks and fins

Central console: space and versatility

If you need versatility and comfort, you may prefer a cleaner roof with fewer fixed elements and a flexible layout; A center console boat where you can move more easily around the entire boat is a good option. Boats with a center console allow you to fish more comfortably and also adapt to water skiing. You can customize it according to your needs. Some brands even allow you to have removable furniture, and in some cases, you can add a bath in the console.

These boats are very marine and easy to handle. There are also options with bow solarium that usually have a cabin with access from the console, WC, a pair of bunk beds or double berth and space to store all kinds of things, such as mats, awnings, and clothes. If you keep a boat of fewer than six meters in length – and there are many boats with these characteristics on the market – you can transport it on a trailer, save the cost of mooring and you will not need a title to handle it. Boats with higher freeboard are better for family plans since all crew members are well protected and protected from splashing.

Sports cruise and family cruise: The comfort of a cabin and more

Speed or comfort? We can say that there are two types of cruise: small, sport boats with a cabin in the bow, also called ‘cuddy’ and family cruises, more spacious, where the emphasis is on comfortable passenger accommodation and less on performance. In either case, a bow thruster and some flaps will help to make navigation easier, drier and more comfortable, particularly when the wind blows. Think about the type of navigation you intend to do and how you will use your cruise: weekends or holidays onboard? With your partner or with family and friends? Do you like to cook?

Family cruises exist in a multitude of lengths and arrangements, and that is where you will find more design approach to make you feel at home.

Convertible furniture and sofas undercover and on deck will help you increase the number of bunk beds. The location of the kitchen is also important: do you want the kitchen up (and gain accommodation) or below (to have more space in the sun)? Look for provisions that privilege luminosity with sliding windows to keep the boat well lit and ventilated. And keep in mind your privacy and that of your guests: how many bathrooms do you need?

If you are looking for your first boat in this segment, a 30-foot second-hand cruise that is manageable and efficient is a good starting point, although you can afford something bigger and more expensive. After enjoying it for a season, you will surely be in a better position not only to navigate with more confidence but also to decide which size and type of boat best suit your needs.

Sportfishing boats: Amazing versatility

If you like fishing, but do not want the commitment of having a large boat and your leisure programs require versatility, one of the options you should consider is a practical sport fishing boat, walkaround style or a fishing-ride, with space for a Small cabin undercover and enough power to practice water sports. You will have at your disposal a boat that offers you a bit of everything so you can learn what you need to know, but without going over budget.

If your desire to fish is serious and you have already had some excursions with friends that make you believe that your relationship with this sport is going to be lasting and you want to spend one or more nights onboard, you have a lot of sportfishing boats in the market with many amenities. Its characteristics are designed to be stable, safe, and broad. The purpose of these boats is to help you spend long hours on board focused on what you like, but not forgetting your companions. This type of cabin boat gives you the option to continue fishing in winter. With a little more length you can have your family’s company on fun weekend cruises, or even on your vacations, where everyone will be at ease since they can enjoy a bathing platform, solarium, comfortable dinette, and kitchen.